Leadership Team

15+ years’ hands on experience in General Management, Virtual
Services, Financial Market Data, Accounting and Back office Processing Services

Prabhakar Rao Kotapati

Prabhakar Rao Kotapati Chief Executive Officer

Sravan Kumar P

Sravan Kumar P Vice President - Finance Accounts and Compliance

Naveen Kanduri

Naveen Kanduri Vice President – Mortgage Operations

Hari Krishna Patnaik

Hari Krishna Patnaik Vice President - Operations



Virtual Business Process Services

A True Extension of Your Back-office Operations

Back Office Process Management Consulting

Back Office Process Management Consulting Segment, FinacPlus will work as trusted site management partner


Data Analytics Design, Development And Delivery Services

Data Analytics Design and Development services, FinacPlus conducts data research based on Data Analytics requirement of the client


Finance and Accounting Finishing School

Finance and Accounting Finishing School Segment, FinacPlus develops suitable employment oriented practical training courses


Finance, Accounting and Reporting Services

Finance, Accounting and Reporting Services, FinacPlus will undertake working on core accounting processes of client


Experts in Financial, Accounting, Back-office and Data Analytics services using Real time, Virtual and Cloud Based platforms.

  1. People – High Quality resources with hands on experience and with great attitude of working for clients with dedication and commitment.
  2. Processes – Customised as per guidelines of the client and maintained with strict business discipline
  3. Pricing – Complete visibility of billing and total transparency of services and associated costs with prior approval from client.