Balasubramanyam Yallapragada

Balasubramanyam Yallapragada


Balasubramanyam (Subbu), serving as Assistant Vice President at FinacPlus, oversees a spectrum of responsibilities for our esteemed healthcare data client. His purview includes managing business operations, leading teams, conducting data research, refining collection methodologies, designing processes, crafting technology solutions, and ensuring seamless client delivery.


The Healthcare data company he supports specializes in providing comprehensive healthcare commercial intelligence to a diverse array of clients, ranging from biopharma and medical device companies to healthcare providers and IT firms, as well as multi-vertical organizations such as professional services, staffing agencies, and entities supporting the healthcare supply chain.


With over twenty years of experience, Subbu brings a wealth of expertise in operations, employee management, business intelligence, process optimization, workflow design, quality assurance, project management, data governance, client engagement, and vendor relationship management. His proficiency extends to Agile methodologies, lean principles, and automation techniques.


Prior to his current role, Subbu held pivotal positions, including Associate Director of Data Management and roles in Data Operations, during his nearly two-decade tenure at S&P Global Market Intelligence. He holds a master’s in business administration from Osmania University, solidifying his academic foundation in business management.