Why FINACPLUS Flexible to add new data points based on specific needs


Actionable Finance Market Intelligence developed based on real, timely and accurate data is considered as competitive advantage for all capital market players and they are in constant search for customizable, comprehensive, cost effective and easy to use data solutions.

Founders of FINACPLUS understood the need and quest of capital market players from public and private markets and established this company in 2017 to serve them with passion and perfection.

Even though company is new, management team of FINACPLUS possesses 15+ years of average experience in Finance Market Intelligence industry with expertise to serve the clients with complete end to end solutions for all of their data needs.

Contracting with FINACPLUS will definitely enhance the competitive edge of any data organization.



Finance and Accounting Finishing School

FINAC PLUS realized the need of developing a platform to sharpen Practical Finance Skills...