Finance and Accounting Finishing School Sharpening Skills in Finance and Accounting


FinacPlus realized the need of developing a platform to sharpen Practical Finance Skills of graduates released from universities and developed systematic and simulated training modules so that they can provide qualitative services to Finance and Accounting Industry.
In that mission FinacPlus works with universities and organizes short term courses, conducts tests and provides certificates to qualified students.

Various Modules includes:
  • Practical Book Keeping & Accounting Principles
  • Indian Accounting Standards, IFRS & Ind AS
  • Corporate Finance and Corporate Actions

  • Capital Markets & Equity Research
  • Business, Corporate Laws & Governance
  • Understanding Mutual Funds and Portfolio Management
  • Investment Banking
  • Commercial Banking & Regulations
  • Insurance Rules and Regulations
  • Income Tax Law and Rules
  • Compliance under Goods and Services Tax
  • SEC Rules and Guidelines