Why FinacPlus

FinacPlus Team Possess solid experience in end to end process of Financial Market Data Analytics

Backed by highly experienced financial market data consultants

Cloud based data analytics and software will ensure high security and portability

Capable of turn around any new data analytics project within 3-6 months

Flexible to add new data points based on specific needs of the client to empower market edge for their products.

Services We Offer

By virtue of versatile skills and wide experience in Financial Market Data Operations of our Consultants & Executives
we can provide end to end solutions for setting up of foreign subsidiary in India and managing it successfully.

1 Back Office Process Management Consulting
FINACPLUS can work as trusted site management partner to...
4 Finance and Accounting Finishing School
FINAC PLUS realized the need of developing a platform to sharpen...
2 Data Licensing on Annual Contract Basis
We can provide customized Financial Market Data...
5 Finance and Accounting Services Outsourcing
We led by Qualified Accountants who can develop excellent...
7 Financial Market Data Operations Consulting
By virtue of versatile skills and wide experience in Financial...

Providing Data Feeds On
annual contract basis

We can provide customized Financial Market Data feed (any public data) on presale order basis and data structure can be designed and delivered as per customer needs.